About Us




 Segavas build and maintain property portfolios for sophisticated investors who want the intensity of property investment taken away, or who simply prefer an intermediary acting between them and their investment.




 Segavas is a family business based on our experience in property investment and wealth planning. The combined expertise within the team informs our investment strategies which have carried through a variety of market changes, not least the 2008 financial crisis. It also instills in us a confidence in the rewards property investment can deliver, with a healthy respect for the accompanying risks.




 Segavas commenced activities in the real estate sector over ten years ago providing an investment service for individuals and families who sought to diversify away from equity markets into the property sector, following the last financial crisis in 2008. From a relatively modest start, the company now manages around 20M of  property across the United Kingdom and Scandinavia, and continues to grow, providing its clients with a robust investment experience.




This balanced standpoint, together with our practical hands on approach, underpin our ethos of taking personal dedication for the property entrusted to our management service. We have clients across the UK and abroad.